We are a multidisciplinary team of committed development experts.

As outdoor architects, landscape planners and pathway designers, we combine our skills in the service of the transition of territories and public spaces.

Madeleine Masse
Founder, urban planning architect

Madeleine is an ADE HMNOP urban planning architect, with degrees from ENSA Paris-Belleville and the Technische Universität in Berlin.

She has been committed to resilient, bioclimatic and environmentally militant urban planning for 15 years, and began her career at APUR - Atelier parisien d'urbanisme, where she helped to define the planning principles for Paris's green belt, seeking to reconcile use, accessibility and biodiversity.

For 8 years, as head of a department employing around forty people at a major Parisian agency, she carried out urban planning projects in the vicinity of major mobility hubs (stations, interchange hubs, intermodality, stations, etc.): accessibility and mobility are central to her practice. She advocates inclusive urban planning, and develops a project design method to adapt the city to children.

She has also worked on a number of territorial strategy projects: in 2020, she is taking part in the "Luxembourg in transition" project to decarbonise the functional region of Luxembourg, launched by the Luxembourg Ministry of Energy.

In 2022, to pursue her commitment, she founded ATELIER SOIL, whose mission is to support players in the adaptation and decarbonisation of territories at all levels.

She sees innovation, forward looking, and a multi-disciplinary approach as project tools to meet the challenges faced by local territories regarding climate, health, social and societal risks. She advocates a sensible approach to urban development that produces resources.

Capucine Madelaine
Urban planning architect

Capucine is a space designer, a graduate of ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, and an architect, a graduate of ENSA Paris-Belleville. She obtained her HMONP in 2022, and since then is working on how to reconcile the entrepreneurial constraints of an agency with architectural ethics.

In addition to her architectural practice, Capucine has always explored various creative media (photography, writing and illustration). Within the agency, she designs projects for public spaces and maps of the Anthropocene.

She was able to express her passion for soil by taking part in the writiting of the white paper for the Institut de la Transition foncière.

Zineb Katouf
Urban planning architect

Architect ADE, Zineb graduated from the École d'Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires Paris Est and the Faculty of Architecture of Sao Paulo. She started her career in Paris and Brazil.

She joined Atelier Soil to combine her practice in architecture and urban planning with her commitment to ecological transition.

Colomba Flammarion
Development, Marketing & Communication

Colomba Flammarion is an expert in strategic and operational marketing. She has a business school background, graduating from ESSEC Business School in 2007.

She started in the real estate divisions of retail groups, where she was responsible for commercial development (positioning, merchandising mix, studies and customer journeys) and operational marketing of shopping centres for Casino group and then Carrefour.

In 2018, she embarked on an entrepreneurial experience by founding the first subscription based jewellery rental service , "J'aime J'aime". She came face-to-face with brands' physical and digital distribution issues in a very real way.

She is now putting her expertise to good use to support projects run by Atelier Soil.

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