Date: 2023 - 2024

Location: Evron (53)

Client: Commune d’Evron

Area: 2 ha

Partners: ATELIER SOIL (architecture, urban planning, group leader), Belvedère (programming), Playgones (active design), Strate Ingénierie (roads and other networks), Ecoprogrammation (economist)

As the link between the railway station and the town centre, two areas in the process of being regenerated, the La Perrière sector occupies a structuring position, today and potentially even more so tomorrow, in the configuration of Evron's urban centre.

La Perrière is a large urban area that is relatively inaccessible today. It is a transformative and initiating project.

Re-examine the flows of the block to maintain its accessibility to all modes of travel (pedestrians, cars, parking).

Reintegrate the block into the cultural, heritage and events circuits of the area.

Reverse the current division between plant and mineral spaces to create optimum conditions for using the block in all seasons.

Work on inclusive developments that cater for all time periods (market days, cinema outings, open-air events, etc.) and all audiences (giving children, teenagers and young adults their rightful place in the city).